Secrets to Booking Weddings

Would you rather put your website, Facebook, Instagram, Tiktok, Clubhouse, phone number, email, mom's landline, carrier pigeon, and home address on those big name cold lead lists for brides...


Have warm leads coming to you like a big hug (the socially distanced ones of course), over and over and over?

Want to know how?

If you've been here long, you know I'm a giant fan of preferred vendor lists, and I'm an expert at getting you on them, staying on them, and being the one your dream vendors refer to your dream clients to keep you calendar booked every weekend.

What else does it do?

When you become friends with that referring vendor, you get to pass business back and forth to a friend!

What else?

It becomes an awesome resource to your couples too. AND it even improves your SEO!

It's simply the best kind of referral.

Let's leave it at that for now, it does so much more than even that, but you don't have all day... we still have 2 more secrets to cover!

The next secret, is referrals from not...

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Do You Have a "Word of Mouth" Wedding Business?

Do you WANT one?!?

If your answer was "YES!", here's your guide!

If your answer was "NO WAY", here's me trying to change your mind. Lol

For many wedding pros, the ultimate goal of growing your wedding business is to get it to a point where all of your weddings are booked through word of mouth.

It's a huge advantage because your awesome reputation goes ahead of you in building trust with your future couples.

It does more for your business than just make booking easier, faster, and at a low to no cost for marketing. Leaving room in your marketing budget for either more profit, or for you to do some gifting or nurturing your referrers, or even some freedom to take care of a couple going through a tough time.

It also brings you couples who already trust you. Can you imagine each couple coming to you ready to book, and trusting you the whole way?

No more trying to prove to them that you really care and have a heart to help them.

A word of mouth couple is less stressed because of this built in...

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Write Emails That Book Weddings

You get inquiry after inquiry, but they don't book. Or even worse, they disappear never to be seen again... (ghosted much?).


You get very few inquiries, so you desperately want to close every one that crosses your keyboard.

Let's get to the root of what works when writing emails that are in response to those inquiries that come in. You can feel the excitement already can't you? Me too! I'm looking so forward to hearing how these work for you already!

How about how the email response begins?

Be conversational, use their name! Show them you care about them, their story, their engagement, their wedding, and what services you're providing for them on their best day ever.

Congratulate them and thank them for reaching out. Gratitude is everything.

Find something to compliment them on, any little thing, as long as its genuine. Every time I receive a compliment from someone who wants to do business with me, no matter how small, if it's genuine, I'm over here like "take my money"! I haven't met...

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How to set yourself up for success in 2021

Here we are, right in the middle of engagement season, approaching the new year.

You're ready, aren't you!?

For some vendors, engagement season starts sooner, for some later.

Engagement season runs from Thanksgiving through Valentine's Day. The actual getting engaged. More engagements happen during this time than any other time of the year.

The weather is snuggly and romantic, family functions are anticipated so it's perfect for making big announcements, future fiancés are thinking about wanting to start the new year engaged, there's the fresh newness of New Year's Day, and of course the romance of Valentine's Day.

If you're a wedding pro who is one of the first ones booked, you may be already getting more inquiries. If you're typically booked later into the planning, it will start up a little later.

Did you know this is why most wedding shows are in the winter? Interesting, right?!?

Wherever you fall along the spectrum, it's time to start getting ready.

While 2020 may not have been...

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What EXACTLY is a Preferred Vendor List?

You hear me talking a lot about the value and importance of this elusive Preferred Vendor List, you hear other wedding pros talking about it, but really what exactly is it?

Let's start with a definition, you know I love a good definition!

prefer: v. /pre-fir/
to put forward or present for consideration 

...and while we're at it, let's add another and break it down...

list: n. /list/
a series of names or other items written or printed together in a meaningful grouping or sequence so as to constitute a record: a list of members

So by definition, a preferred vendor list is a list of members (the most amazing group of wedding pros "vendors" ever), presented for consideration.

Amazing, right?

As awesome as this is, and it is, there's SO much more to it!

A preferred vendor list ensures a great client experience and smooth event.

Often couples don't even realize what a difference hiring a dream team of vendors who work with each other often makes in their wedding.

At the end of the night, when...

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The Key to Getting Referred by Other Vendors

Are you ready for it? 

The best thing you can do to get other vendors to refer you to their clients, is for you to first offer to refer them to yours.

Let's start with a definition for reference:

Reciprocate: v. /rəˈsiprəˌkāt/

To respond to (a gesture or action) by making a corresponding one. ‘the favor was reciprocated’

There is so much power in reciprocating!

When a vendor knows that you respect and trust them enough to trust them with your own clients, they can't help but return the favor.

As you may know, my husband, Joe, and I have owned a couple of venues. I can't even begin to tell you how many vendors (in the hundreds, I'm sure) came to us wanting us to refer our couples to them, knowing that the venue is often where couples book first, and is one of their most trusted vendors.

That was fine, and we love having resources for our couples. BUT...

How many do you think asked us to be one of their resources? That's right... NONE!

Maybe they assumed that because...

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The Key to Copy that Sells

copy ideal client Sep 28, 2020

The Key to Copy that Sells 
by Kelly DeCesare, freelance copywriter


Voices vying for your bride’s attention are everywhere! How will you engage, connect, and stand out when she has endless vendor options? Whom will she choose to help execute her perfect day? 


Answer: She will choose the one who holds her heart.   


And client-centered copy is the key to your bride’s heart.  


You’ve worked hard to build an awesome brand! It’s time to share and showcase what you have to offer. Your photos are stunning, your services are fine-tuned, your descriptions are thorough, and you’re ready to knock the socks off your audience. 


This is the time to focus and… 


Speak to ONE


It’s exhilarating to think of your message going out to the world of potential clients—all those eyes and ears on your brand, especially in the digital space! 


But don’t...

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